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It is the moments of

Crises that defines us all,

And tests our connection

To the ‘Great I Am’ within.Read more



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There are two kinds of logic.

- Inductive, which is based on observations.

- Deductive, which is based on human thoughts.

Only one is logical.Read more

Simple Words


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Use simple words, they cost less.

A ten-dollar word: Parsimonious, adjective, the unwillingness to part with money.

A ten-cent word: ScroogeRead more

Defining a Word


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Defining a word is to describe what it is without referring to what it is not.


  1. Seeing and describing any situation, event, or idea as clearly and accurately as is humanly possible.
  2. Speaking only what is true and fact.
  3. Keeping an open mind to all ideas, interpretations and opinions.
  4. ...Read more

Awaken and Sleep Better


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How humans can awaken:

Get out of your brainy minds.

All knowing is nothing, a myth.

Get into your body and listen.

Breath in and out, listen.

Be still and wait for the Love-light.

When it finds you,

Connect to the ‘Great I Am’ within. ...Read more


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