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Gi’me a high five!

Hi there. I am Wicke (pronounced “VEEka”). Thank you for coming to my blog site.

Many years ago when I was learning to read and write, my master bought Eckhart Tolle’s books and left them on the coffee table. I read them cover to cover and got a great deal out of them. I loved what he had to say and liked his bold openness.

When I learned to write, my father asked me to write a two-page paper on any topic. I chose to write about Eckhart and the Now. I told the story about finding the NOW in Eckhart’s language. When my mother read it she said it made less sense than a whining dog. Then my father sat me down and said, “Wicke, Keep it simple. Count your syllables. One is great. Two is good. Three is OK. Four is over cooked. And more than five are tough to swallow.”

I tried to write my Eckhart story again. My father looked it over, and said, “Wicke, which is better: smart, brilliant, or intelligent?

I chewed on that stick for a moment and said, “smart.”

He said, “Right! Now, be smart, write your story again in dog words, and maybe Eckhart Tolle will learn something from you.”

So here it is, for all to read and know in your heart.